We are a Vancouver Island-based micro-press specializing in novella-length adventure fiction featuring all the ingredients from the classic men’s pulp adventures of the 1970s. Storm Rhino Press features tales of soldiers, mercenaries and assassins in the vein of authors like Don Pendleton, who created the Executioner series, and Lee Parker and Donald Hamilton, who brought us Donovan’s Devils and Matt Helm.

Unlike readers in the 1970s, today’s working male reader finds his time more tightly scheduled than ever before. Storm Rhino offers an alternative to mainstream publishing by providing well-written, immersive, satisfying adventures that can be read in two or three hours. For truckers between hauls, cops between shifts, military personnel on downtime or retail workers on a lunch break, Storm Rhino has what you need.

Storm Rhino is a flexible, virtual organization. Positions within the company are interchangeable with multiple built-in redundancies to optimize performance under extreme conditions. Our organizational model owes more to a psychiatric crash team or military special operations model than to traditional publishing. Storm Rhino Press was founded and is presently under the management of Canadian thriller author Jamie Mason, who prefers the title Team Leader.