We are actively seeking writers to produce short-form (novella-length) fiction for our Storm Rhino audience. Writers are the lynchpin of the Storm Rhino operation: at Storm Rhino, writers are treated as professionals and are paid for their work. Because we are a small press and just getting started, you won’t receive five–figure advances here. But you will receive project guidance, editorial and sales support within the framework of a strong team-oriented environment.


Military adventure fiction featuring protagonists who are professional shooters: soldiers, mercenaries, assassins. We want character-driven fiction with heroes we can care about. Contemporary settings. Lots of action. 15,000 – 40,000 words (hard limit).


We follow a staggered submission process intended to optimize the best use of press personnel without wasting the writer’s time. Send us a one paragraph pitch for your proposed book or series. If it strikes our fancy, we’ll be in touch. Submit as many pitches as you like as often as you wish. E-mail stormrhino@gmx.com or use the form below.