A Press is Born

On March 25th, 2017 Storm Rhino Press officially launched with publication of its first title, Certain Fury. The story behind the novella’s creation is covered elsewhere. But for the purposes of this blog, the date is significant as it marks the debut of our enterprise.

Put another way, where publication of most books is often viewed as an ending, publication of Certain Fury marks a beginning.

Storm Rhino is an independent micro-press dedicated to publishing quality military adventure fiction in the vein of Don Pendleton, Lee Parker and Gerard de Villers, the men who brought us such series as The Executioner, Donovan’s Devils and Malko. An alternate moniker for this type of fiction might be “men’s adventure fiction,” for so it was styled back in the 1970s. Our use of the term implies nothing more than truth in advertising for, put simply, we produce fiction about guys shooting and blowing stuff up. Of course, we’ve come a long way since the 1970s. All readers who enjoy such fare are invited to tuck in.

Storm Rhino’s beat is the darkened backstreets and alleyways of towns like Belfast and Beirut. Our stories play out in smoke-filled casinos, during arms deals between quiet men on deserted roadways, in the clamor and heat and agony of battle. If there is music, then it comes from the whir of a helicopter, the chatter of small-arms fire. At Storm Rhino, we do not celebrate war, but do recognize it as a constant in the affairs of men, and a milieu wherein human stories – stories of fighters, shooters and survivors – wait to be told. Our titles are not meant to beat a call to arms or glorify the madness of warfare. But we will always honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans. And we will work hard to earn your patronage and confidence by delivering action-packed, immersive and entertaining fiction every time. Our mission is clear. Excellence is our goal.

The Storm Rhino Team is:

  • Jamie Mason: Team Leader
  • Ann Sterzinger: Operations & Strategic Planning Lead
  • Felicia Sullivan: Senior Editor
  • Kody Boye: IT/Design Director 
  • Christian Bentulan: Art Director, Eastern Region 

A storm is coming.


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